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Among them, it is worth noting all diseases of the spine that provoke a compensatory change in posture. These are osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome and sciatica, spondylarthrosis, protrusion and herniation of zithromax disc, sprains, instability of the position of the vertebral bodies, etc. Pathogenesis is the mechanism of development of Roth's disease.

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The pathogenesis is based on trophic changes in the nerve fiber. The lateral femoral nerve, like all other tissues in the human body, must receive a full blood supply for its functionality.

If compression (compression) of the nerve occurs, then the process of azithromycin flow through the capillary network is disrupted. As a result, the mechanism of development of Roth's disease begins to be realized: axon cells do not receive sufficient nutrition; decay products and free radicals begin to accumulate in them; toxic effect against the background of the absence of normal blood supply triggers the mechanism of necrosis (necrosis).

Dystrophy and subsequent atrophy of the femoral lateral nerve gives characteristic clinical symptoms.

if, at the initial signs of pathology, you do not pay attention to it and do not start timely treatment, then literally in six months, complete atrophy of the nerve can develop. It will be almost impossible to restore skin sensitivity in the future. A violation of the innervation of the subcutaneous fat layer in the thigh area is fraught with the fact that lipodystrophic and sclerotic changes begin. Trophic lesions will appear, rough scars will develop.

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Clinical symptoms of azithromycin meralgia begin to appear at an early stage in the development of pathology.

At first, the patient experiences a slight decrease in sensation and goosebumps in the area of ​​​​the front and outer thigh, from the hip joint to the knee. These symptoms occur after serious physical exertion. Then, as scar tissue forms at the points of inflammatory compensatory reactions, the clinical picture becomes more detailed. In the stage of full development, Roth's disease gives the followingsymptoms:

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In addition, in the later stages of the disease, typical signs of impaired trophism (blood supply) of the soft tissues of the thigh appear:

A long-term process of impaired innervation leads to lipodytrophy. This disease is known to a wide range of women as cellulite. in fact, dystrophic changes in the lipid (adipose) tissue begin with a violation of the process of innervation of this part of the thigh. Not without reason, in most girls, cellulite begins to actively develop in the period after bearing the first pregnancy.

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Compression of the lateral femoral nerve can also lead to disruption of the arterial and venous circulation.

This leads to the development of varicose veins of the lower extremities. Some patients develop intermittent claudication: it is impossible to climb the third and subsequent floors without rest stops. Also, with intermittent claudication, patients note the impossibility of long walks even at a calm pace.

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  • Delay in starting treatment can lead to very disastrous consequences.
  • If you have similar clinical symptoms of Roth's disease and this test helps to get rid of them, you should immediately make an appointment with a neurologist.
  • As a diagnosis, an x-ray image of the knee and hip joint is prescribed. This is followed by ultrasound and angiography.
  • During the appointment, you will be diagnosed, effective and safe treatment will be prescribed.
  • If you want to get a consultation with an experienced neurologist, then make an appointment for a free appointment with this specialist at our chiropractic clinic.
  • It is possible to identify points of compression of the femoral nerve only with the help of computed tomography or MRI.
  • They stop pain and paresthesia for up to seven days.
  • In advanced stages of Rota disease, corticosteroids (hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs) are used to relieve symptoms.
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In advanced cases, when a total compression of zithromax nerve is detected, a surgical operation is performed, during which normal innervation of the thigh tissues is ensured. In order not to resort to such radical methods of therapy, we recommend not to waste precious time and from the moment the first symptoms appear, to begin an effective complex treatment. There are manual therapy techniques that allow the treatment of Roth Bernhardt's disease without the use of pharmacological drugs and a surgeon's scalpel.

In our manual therapy clinic, the treatment of paresthetic meralgia of Roth Bernhardt begins with the elimination of the cause: during the initial examination and history taking, an experienced neurologist identifies a potential cause of the development of this tunnel syndrome; the patient receives all the necessary recommendations for the normalization of body weight, removal. tumors and ascites, excessive load on the inguinal ligament, etc.; a special diet is being developed; advice is given on organizing your working and sleeping place; an individual course of therapy is prescribed.

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